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What goes around wood but can't get in it?
corresponding 'Around Wood' puzzle @
What is the easiest way to grow tall?
corresponding 'Grow Tall Easily' puzzle @
Why is an old car like a baby playing?
Which letter is the opposite of out?
What's the difference between a Church bell and a thief?
What kind of gun does a bee shoot?
When is a chair like a fabric?
From what number can you take half and leave nothing?
How many beans can you put in an empty bag?
What continent can you use to tow things?
Who was Noah's wife?
see this riddle in Riddle Sudoku format @
What is a small cad?
What's the difference between a home, a sigh, and a donkey?
What kind of poems do you find in outer space?
How do you make a sick insect better?
What kind of exam do you give a dog?
What do you call a fish with four eyes?
What's the coolest part of the human body?
What do models eat off?
What has shoulders and a neck but no arms, legs or head?
What is a billow?
also see daffynitions 'Billow' @
Why does a man with very little money buy a short coat?
How can one person sit where it makes it impossible for a second person to sit?
Why didn't the fireplace burn too well?
What do you get if you cross a bike and a rose?
Where do Siamese twins sleep?
What is the weather forecast for Afghanistan?
Where do children grow?
What is the puppet show for senior citizens?
What bird resembles a toupée?
How do you charge a battery?
Which vegetable goes bad the quickest?
What's a computer's favourite junk food?
What cat sells wood?
What letter is always surprised?
Why does a dog dress warmer in summer than in winter?
What do you call a flying ape?
Why do bakers always need dough?
What is two-thirds of a pun?  or  What do skunks and partial puns have in common?
What best-selling book can you purchase at a Christian bookstore?
How many feet are in a yard?
What is the poorest plant?
Which letter of the alphabet is drunk?
Where was food first made in Newfoundland?
also see related joke @
The Joe-kster bets Ryan $200 that he can predict the score of the hockey game before it starts.<br>Ryan agrees, but loses the bet.<br>Why did Ryan lose the bet?
Why didn't the horse draw a cart?
Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days?
What bush makes you think of a massage?
Why did the worm oversleep?
What stretches to steal things?
When is it correct to to say, 'I is?'
What stone is highly thought of in the sky?
What plant is a cat?
I have six eyes, two mouths, and three ears. What am I?
What nine letter English word is still a word when
each of the nine letters are removed one by one?
Which vegetable is found in the alphabet?
What Roman Numeral can climb a wall?
What sport is played on a carpet?
What swings while it writes?
What injury do bullfighters get?
How do you sell Spanish classes?
What do you call a clever girl who is an expert ballroom dancer?
What flies without wings, propellers or jets?
What drink always needs things repeated?
How is a telephone like arithmetic?
Why is a boat the cheapest form of transportation?
What kind of math can you teach to cows?
Where do you buy doors?
What is a scientist's favourite candy?
What can go over the water and through the water without getting wet?
How do you change an owl into a chicken?
What kind of match won’t light fires?
Where do electricians buy supplies?
Can you make a fire with one stick?
What is a millionaire's favourite candy?
What goes around the house peeking through cracks?
What happens to hens who don't produce enough eggs?
What people do the most traveling?
How do you buy a bed?
What is the one thing that can stop a kid from playing with toys?
What has two wings but doesn't fly?
What boats talk too much?
How do you get rid of a migraine headache?
What do marionettes do after a show?
Why did the horse leave his wife?
How do you buy No-Name items?
What has feet and legs, and nothing else?
What stays where it is when it goes off?
Why do farmers make good tailors?
What's the difference between the sun and bread?
How does the Joe-kster eat a computer?
What trees do fortune tellers look at?
What is the smallest room in the world?
What doesn't ask questions but demands an answer?
What part of your body is most like a baby animal?
What bird is like a gulp?
What close relatives do boy robots have?
Why do you have to be careful with sunrises and sunsets?
Why can't you use Wayne Gretzky wallpaper?
What males give birth to cats?
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