Riddles 4U - An Introduction
A Riddle A Day Keeps Dementia Away!
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Random Riddler:
In Cumbria, northwest England, this is what you'd call a rogue or a scamp.
see also corresponding 'Cumbria Rogue' Sudoku puzzle

Sphinx:  According to Greek mythology, the Sphinx was the greatest riddler of them all.
This part lion, part woman kept many people puzzled with her difficult riddles...

Riddle - the Joe-kster's definition:
  1. A question or statement used to exercise one's ingenuity in answering it or discovering its meaning;
  2. A puzzling question, problem, matter, fact, thing, or person;
  3. A question or event of puzzling nature that requires you to think of an answer.
  4. Some riddles are a type of joe-k. Other riddles are really challenging...

    Duh!  A riddle uses language in a way that makes common things seem unfamiliar -
    like a mystery that you have to solve, with the riddle giving you the clues...

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