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What Is RSS and What's It Good For?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) provides a way for you to receive regularly updated information on your computer, from your favourite Web sites or blogs.

Like an email program, an RSS reader brings together information from many sources and lets you conveniently read it in one place. Unlike email, there is no spam! You subscribe to each source you want to receive (also called a "feed") and can unsubscribe at any time. Also unlike email, RSS provides only one-way communication. You can read articles but can't send responses using RSS.

Using RSS, you won't have to go to Web sites to see if they have new content - the new content will come to you.

Why should you use an RSS reader? In a word: convenience. It's easier to open an RSS reader and have all your favourite information sources right there than it is to go visit a bunch of separate webpages or deal with a multitude of email subscriptions. Think of it as a customized newspaper that delivers just the information you want to read, from the sources you trust.

As a user, you can benefit from RSS to keep you on top of all our latest groaners, at the moment it's made public. RSS is a complementary service for those who want to be the first to know what's new!

Please note that by accessing the RSS feeds, you agree to the Terms of Use, which govern your use of the RSS Service and are set forth below.

Bright orange RSS buttons appear on Web pages included in our RSS feeds. The buttons link to this page where you can sign up for our feeds below.

Further reading:  Wikipedia info on RSS Feeds.


How do I use RSS?

If you don't have a Web site, you'll need a program called a News Reader to view your RSS feeds. You can tell if a site offers an RSS feed by a small button that says either RSS   or XML . But if you click one of the buttons, you'll probably get a page full of XML code in your browser (here's our XML code). News Readers interpret that code and display your chosen RSS feeds properly on your computer. You simply copy the URL or XML code associated with the RSS feed into your News Reader.

Where do I find a 'News Reader'?

Search engines Google and Yahoo have started to offer easy ways for users to subscribe to RSS feeds. The great thing about these is that you don't have to install any software. The only downside is that if you subscribe to a lot of feeds, the page can be a bit slow to load.

If you want to install a dedicated RSS reader (most desktop computers still don't come with one), there are some good free options. There are lots of free readers, some that you download and install and others that you use online. You can also find a number of inexpensive commercial products that have received high marks.

A recent PC World article provides a trustworthy overview of RSS readers available, along with recommendations based on the user's needs. The PC World top picks are summarized in this chart.

While the PC World chart doesn't cover them in much detail, another option is to use a customized homepage from Google or Yahoo! which allows you to have a search engine and news items on the first page that opens when you launch your web browser. Also, the recently released Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 allow you to subscribe to feeds directly from your browser.

There are different News Readers available for different computer operating systems. Here are a few that are popular for PCs: Awasu, FeedDemon (newsgator), and RSSReader. These offer free trials, as well as premium versions for a fee.

For Mac OS X, try: Newsfire or NetNewsWire.

These newsreaders plug in to applications already running on your PC. For instance, newsgator works with Microsoft Outlook, feeding headlines into Inbox folders from subscribed channels. Pluck, on the other hand, works with Internet Explorer.

A few readers work through the Web, such as Bloglines and Momma Bear (featuring use of our RSS Feeds for our (A) new groaner joe-ks;  (B) our new 100% original & unique Sudoku Puzzles;  and (C) our Riddle of the Day!)

How can I sign up to get an RSS feed from

Wherever you see a bright orange button that says "RSS"      — for instance, on pages — click on that link. You'll come to this page. Then, you'll need to follow the instructions for your specific News Reader in order to add the feed to your RSS list.

For many readers, all you have to do is to copy and paste the URL listed below under "Available RSS Feeds" into the "New Feed" field in your chosen reader program.

Available RSS Feeds from

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